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Welcome Back to QuarterMidgetsLIVE.com
This website is about giving those at home the chance to join in the fun from the 2010 National Events.
The Middle column lists the classes to follow your favorite racer. There are many sources for this information. You can check back here, anytime during the event for information as well as historical data from past events.

Welcome to the QMA
2010 Western Grands
Austin, TX

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Qualifying begins around 9 am
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(303) 434-0182

2009 Dirt Grands Champions

2009 Eastern Grands Champions

2009 Western Grands Champions

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and Race Results.


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Mark Your Calendars for the
Ernie Bose
World Record Race
November 2010
Orange Show California

Don't forget the annual
New Smyrna Little 500
December - 2010







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